Do You Know Me?

There’s been a whole lot on my mind lately.

And I so miss this space that has been so helpful for me to air out my feelings in the past months, I decided to come here to put up this rant…

Here’s the thing?

When people say they know someone do they really mean it?

Here’s what I think.

When we say we know someone we don’t really mean it, or maybe we are not always so sure. Most of what we call knowledge, are just mere assumptions. And even if we know anything about our friends its mostly the regular stuff; what they love to eat, where they love to hang out, what t.v program they enjoy watching etc. But then, we leave the important stuff out. Stuff like; What are their fears? What are the questions they’re asking deep down? What vision do they have for themselves and for their future? What do they really want in life? What do they need help getting out of? How did they grow up etc.

The questions we can ask are a whole lot, and when we begin to ask our friends these questions we begin to realize that most of what we called knowledge was simply superficial, basic knowledge. We find that there is a lot we can do to know about ourselves and others that goes beyond just food, and outings and social media.

I also think that when we begin to ask deep questions, we begin to know who we can give trust to and who we need to keep at arm’s length.

These and more are realisations I came upon as I looked at some of the people who hurt me, who broke the trust I’d given to them, people who I called friends and thought I knew. Yet, in reality I didn’t really know them, hence, the mistakes I made.

We would be doing ourselves a lot of good when we begin to ask questions, and not just sit down and gossip and eat and drink, thinking that everything is okay. Well, you can do that, until you have that person you call friend turn their backs on you.

What questions would you start asking your friends today? What question would you ask me?

#knowledge #friends #people #Ajay

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