Lost In My Own Thoughts

Green stands for Life; Another chance


Reading this title what comes to your mind?

What are you thinking?

probably confusion or disillusionment or maybe worse.

But it definitely tells of a situation that is “not okay.”

These days I’m finding it hard to write and doing this now definitely tells of my willingness put away fatigue and actually write something.

Like I have too many articles in my head, too many poems. I just can’t seem to pull myself together to put something down on paper. so, I’m at a little roadside restaurant doing some work and I decided to,even though as at the time i decided to start I had nothing put together i actually wanted to write about.)

But then look how far we have come.is a bit frustrating to tell people you’re a writer not put out content for a week, and then two and worse, three. I can’t really tell how long I stopped writing actively but now, more than ever I want to go back.

Not just because I “want” to, but because two very important people in my life have asked me to and I believe that’s the best feeling in the world for one to have(or maybe one of the best), which is, having someone say something like;”hey, I’ve been following your blog, why haven’t you been writing recently?.” Most of the time, we make up excuses for not doing whatever it is that we should be doing or want to do, but it’s just an alibi to keep us from taking action, just move past the excuse and go ahead and take action.

So,if you have read this rant up to this point, I want to say i really appreciate you, for dropping by, for always coming back. I love you and I promise to always keep putting out content that you’ll enjoy and that  will also “minister to your hearts and souls”

Please do follow if you haven’t already done so, and please share, invite others to see this site, let’s increase the impact of this “space” and spread the love that will be emanating from here.

Lots of LOVE



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