There are millions of questions I want to ask myself (okay maybe not millions, but a lot) and it bothers me, really it does. Some of these questions include; why I’m I blogging? Why did I decide to do this and yet become so lackadaisical about it? Why have I been so enamored with the idea of work that it has clouded my thinking and made me ignore people, lots of people around me? Why are things happening the way they are in my life? (Okay, I told you they’re a lot right?).

The thing is, I hate to resign myself to “fate” and let things be the way they are, just because that’s the way they were meant to be. I hate the idea of not having control over my life, just because…

Now I know that there are some things I do not have control over, like the weather, but I am Human and that makes me superior and powerful, and so on. But then, these questions that are always in my heart, bring with them a certain helplessness that makes waking up in the morning hard, and doing work, void of passion and energy. And as much as I try to muster up strength to do work, I fail in something else like maybe my relationships that it becomes all the more hard to concentrate and live a truly happy and focused life. I do not wish for anything, wishes do not come through, I can only just pray and believe, believe that I can love and be loved again, that I can do all that I want to do, that i can truly be happy etc.

“The above is a rant, I am moved to write this, to air out a little frustration and console myself the best possible way. If you’re reading this and you’re in some kind of mess or something like that, just know that it’s not the end for you, just pray, just believe, you can rise again, your life will be better than you ever imagined.”

#Believe #Ajay #Hope #Pray #Selfmotivation

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