And so I sit here waiting, for a call, a text, your voice,


Desperation has got the best of me.

But I never used to be this, was never so open to love,

I never used to be this way, never got carried away, by sweet melodies and pet names,

I had a thick skin. One grown over the years by disappointment. But even that is an excuse and I do not have the mental strength for it.

So, no matter how tough my skin was, I let you through into my inner core, like a knife on an apple, you cut through effortlessly.

And now that you have me, don’t blow it.

So much is at stake here, please don’t blow it.

Just let our love be like the waves of the sea over rock, smooth and effortless, like your beautiful and radiant skin, let us shine, as stars that we are let us illuminate our world and make the world jealous, as we laugh at them, and them us, we at their ignorance, they at our ridiculous love.

Just let it be me and you, no one else can love me, as you….

#poetry #love #trapped

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