Where Do We Go From Here?

Someone asked “if you take away cultism from River State youths, what else would they do?”. Much as the implication of this statement is heartbreaking, it is also devastating to know, that, we have come this far only to major on minor things. The level of neglect I see the youths recieve in this state is the major reason for such a question to be raised.

But then there is another question to be answered, is neglect a credible enough reason to make one involve themselves in vices? Some people will come up with a thousand and one reasons to propose the motion. And I do not blame them. I do not blame the youths who are involved in cultism as a “way out” of joblessness and penury. I do not blame the government, past or present for the supposed neglect. To be honest I do not blame anyone. Why? We are always caught up in this blame games that it is hard for us to call a spade a spade not minding whose ox is gored. We want progress, but do nothing about it, than sit and look for who to blame. This person should have done that, that person should have done this.

We want a better country for ourselves, yet, we do nothing to see that, that happens. This government should have done that, that government should have done this.

The question then, that is eminent in this discourse is, where do we go from here? Now that River State is ravaged with cultism and news of death and killings is heard almost every day, where do we go from here?

Which way? This is not a question to make us go back to our history books to look for who started the cultism movement, or the reason behind the killings and whatnot. This is a question that begs for progress, progress beyond cultism and vices, progress beyond blame games. Progress beyond partisanship, progress beyond status and race, a progress that is by all and for all.

Now that we’re all caught up in this, where do we go from here?

I like to know what you think. Drop your comments below, share this and let’s get others involved in this.

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