Relationship Goals.

Hey yo! I’m awake by 5:10am just to write this post. I know I could have been up earlier, say 2 or 3am, but, I’ve not been feeling well all week long, so, I kinda like oversleep as a way to rest my tired bones.

Alright, now that I’ve given you a little update about my boring life, why don’t we talk about what I’ve got on my mind?

Relationships. You see I’m a bundle of failed relationships walking(that is intended as a pun, don’t take it literally.) So, it’s much easier to see why I talk about relationships a lot. I kinda like day dream,or in some cases have dreams of relationships free of crease, and full of bliss, but, ever since high school the experiences I’ve had have all turned out to be similar in one way or the other. I’ve had to enter into relationships where all I did was to prove to the other party that I was a worthy candidate for the relational position. But no, ms. Z won’t have it (ms Z being an acronym for the actual nickname of the person I wanted to date in high school.) I’ve never liked “proving.” I always thought it to be unoriginal, you know, if you’re a Nigerian living in Nigeria, you can relate to what I’m saying, when I say that for some of us guys, proving our love has done more harm for us than good. Because all we have is our hearts filled with love and nothing else to give (but all these other guys have more than that, which makes it an unhealthy competition yeah?)

Alright, back to the matter. I’ve since moved on from ms Z but the experience has been most likely the same. “If you love me, prove just how much.” And I think a lot of ladies just want to know the extent at which you can go, just to “prove.” But since I was a man of many words and less action,I’ll just talk away time and the potential relationship.

So, its been bad for me, really bad. Emotionally that is. I’m doing pretty well in other areas of my life and thank God. Now, this got me thinking,if I were to go into a relationship today,seeing the experiences I’ve had,and I’m still having, what would be my “relationship goals”

1. Definitely number one will be, that we don’t bug each other with calls and texts and social media etc. I so get turned off by too many calls and too many texts I may most likely just tag it as bugging. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, but then, let it be as appropriate. Alright?

2. The next one will be looks. Okay, I know this may be a little extreme, but I care about looks, as much as every other thing. I’m cute really.

Just look at that… So she’s gotta be beautiful, you get the drill I’m sure.

3. Will be character and attitude and all those boring stuff. If we are not compatible, I think the relationship will be short lived. And by compatible, I mean, I’m sanguine,phlegmatic and a little dose of melancholy. So,if she’s reading this, well….

4. She’s got to be spiritual, not spiritual as per religious and fanatic oh. No, no, no. But then, we could get to grow spiritually together, as they say “what is good for the geese is also good for the gander.”

5. I think this will be the last one. She must be someone with value. Someone who is willing to grow, who is working hard and doing something valuable with her time. And someone who knows how to make money. If she’s an entrepreneur ‘sef’, ‘na im go make sense pass'(it’ll be way better.)

After all said and done, I’m still searching for the right one…this statement always sounds funny to me. But then, I believe in relationships of value and happiness and growth.

I’ll like to know, what are your relationship goals? What are your experiences with relationships like? Did you enjoy reading this? Drop you answers in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.


#love #relationships #ajay

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