Class Vs Race.

“The issue with class and status in this country, is worse than the issue of race in the U.K and the U.S”

Hello hello, lovely people, I’m beginning to get a grip on this blogging thing, and so, I’m here again this week. Hope you are having a lovely week? Back to the post for today….

The quote above was written by myself when I had taken in some thoughts about class in this society in which we live. I work in a place where, you get “customer service” according to how much “class” you have, and it made we wonder “is there any place in this country, where such isn’t the norm?” You can only get first class treatment if you can afford First Class. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of people reading this who’ll be like “so, are you saying we should all be treated as equals, in this our Nigeria? ” And some others will be like “what’s your point Mr. Man, say what you want to say already.”

The truth is I am of the opinion that not everyone can definitely be treated as equals, maybe because that’s the way we’re raised to believe. A lopsided thinking where we put the rich and wealthy at the highest rung of the ladder and the poor at the lowest. It’s not only the way we’re raised to believe this that bothers me, it’s the way we’re raised to accept this without asking any questions. And to me, this is the same as the issue with race abroad that we’re all criticizing(well maybe not all of us, but, some of us).

The problem with this thinking, this mindset is that, it has held us back, put us in a forward but slow grind of progress. The problem with this kind of thinking is that, we’re raising children everyday with low-self esteem. Children with low-self acceptance and low confidence. These children will grow up thinking that the only way to make progress in their lives or to live a social contribution is to amass wealth, and when they can’t get it by hardwork and persistence, well, the money laundering in public positions,(the yahoo yahoo and 419) will not just increase, but skyrocket.

The other thing is, this kind of thinking will increase the amount of ill treatment, the poor or middle class receive from the rich or high class.

The solution to all these afore mentioned problems is simply a “classless society.”

Have you ever had any issues or personal experiences with class or status?

Did you enjoy reading this? Let me know in the comment section.

P.s: I’ll be sharing some of my personal experiences with class, status and some other things from the next post. Follow, to be updated. Xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Class Vs Race.”

  1. I enjoyed reading this… We need a classless society indeed. Even though individuals may not be graded to be “equal”, there should be an equal distribution of state wealth.


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